Sharing Ideas

Here, I hope you will take the opportunity to share some of your family activities. It is a collection of ideas that all of us may refer to and use as a foundation to support our children during this grief process.

4 responses to “Sharing Ideas

  1. Cindy Seggerson

    Just this past July 23rd was 1 year that my niece’s father suddenly passed away. Like your family, my sister was looking for something/someone/somewhere for my nieve to be around children just like her. I child who has lost a loved one. She finally found it in a place called Buddy’s Place. It i filled with games, actities, crafts, discussions & much much more & not just for the children. It is also a place where parents can learn how to deal with a grieving chld or children du to the recent passing of a loved one. I hope this information can be helpful not only to your family but to all the famlies the visit this site.

  2. have a walk to honor TK and to meet other families and children that are also dealing with the death of a young one.

  3. You are actually doing the best possible thing there is- you are recognizing that your son has feelings of his own and you are including him in the family’s grief “process”, allowing him to express his feelings. That is the thing that keeps children from healing from loss. We try to hide it from them and think they don’t understand it or experience it. Sharing your feelings with him helps too. You are very perceptive and I think your son will do well.

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