He is my sunshine.

It really doesn’t matter what type of day I am experiencing or how many minutes I sat in traffic. I can walk through my door, glance at T and simply melt to pieces. He is my sunshine; the love I feel for him can be overwhelming.  In recent months, I continue to melt to pieces, watching my oldest son T smile. Yet, my heart now has an ache for him that no parent should ever feel. Sadness can be just as overwhelming as joy.

I will never understand what he thinks in his mind about the sudden loss of his best friend and brother B. Being so young, I can imagine he has confusion and heartache. I could read books ten times over and listen to countless speeches about loss and grief, but I am the one putting him to bed each night, trying to have him create sweet dreams. I knew I had to create my own methods of helping him grieve; we needed to grieve as a family.

4 responses to “He is my sunshine.

  1. The picture says it all, FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!!!!! You guys have each other and that’s what matters the most……. I think you guys are doing a GREAT job rasing lil man and dealing with the loss of TK. Your strength is unbelievable and I commend you on that. I love you guys more than ever..

  2. Karry Wolf Anderson

    What you are doing is very brave. Thank you for sharing. I really think this will help everyone and anyone who reads it. Thank you.
    Love, Karry

  3. I am so sorry for your loss, and I think it is a wonderful thing you are doing to help his little brother grieve, and also help him remember his brother. You found my (new) blog–I too am a bereaved mom, but my son was 24, so I do not know the exact pain of losing such a young sweetheart. When my son died, his niece was 22 months old. I wanted her and the 2 nephews who were born later, after their uncle died, to know and remember their uncle. I made a story book for my granddaughter in 2 year old vocabulary, with pictures of her and her uncle, and stories about when the two of them were together. It was her favorite thing to read when I visited. Now my son’s nephews like to read it and learn about their uncle. In saying our beloved children’s names and talking about them we help keep their memories alive. God bless you in this journey that no one wishes to take.

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