The Dragonfly.

Days after B passed, my family and friends would continuously see dragonflies in our front yard. These small, winged creatures would constantly fly over the lawn nearest our porch, where the children would usually play. Similarly, each time we would visit B at the cemetery, a dragonfly would suddenly appear. We have come to believe that the dragonflies are B’s way of visiting us. Thus, we have come to adorn many things with dragonflies, to remind us of B. T would look for dragonflies everywhere, just to get a feel for his brother. To honor B on holidays, the three of us now each paint a wooden dragonfly. My husband thought the craft would be a nice activity to do as a family, usually each holiday morning or night. The wooden dragonflies are being placed along our basement wall, making beautiful, authentic decor. 

3 responses to “The Dragonfly.

  1. I never knew the dragonfly story and I think thats a beautiful way to see B. Now evertyime I see one I will think of him too.

  2. Never knew this story either..but one day i stopped to see B at the cemetary and the first thing Mia and i picked out to put by him was a blue dragon fly decoration .. Im sure u know what one im talking about.. :0) there was just something about it..

  3. I love this story!!!!! It brings a smile to my face everytime I see a dragonfly because I know TK is around.
    I know this will sound crazy but I truely believe in stuff like this. We all know how to lock and unlock a bedroom door. Well there was nothing hanging on the handle and I didn’t touch my door at ALL. I was having a bad day and thinking about TK. I went down stairs to do laundry and came back upstairs to my room. My door was closed and the door was locked. No one was around to mess with it. I thought to myself, maybe I’m crazy and did it myself. I go about my business and I’m still upset and the same thing happened again. I looked up and starting laughing and said you little s**t. This happened 3 other times. I had finally figured out that he doesn’t want me to be upset or cry because he’s an angel now. He wants me to be happy and go about my life, but still think about him all the time and thats what I’m doing. I have taken that step fowarded and have accepted the fact that he is an angel and there is NOTHING I can do to bring TK back. I have sooooo many great memories of him and he will always be by my side to keep my family and I going. He was my TK and that will never change. I love and miss him more than ever!!!!

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