The approach.

As we approach B’s Angel Day, the nerves seem to be getting the best of us. T is loving summer, but he is anxious. It is almost like he feels something is “off.” We decided to “hibernate” elsewhere for some time, just to relax during the difficult week ahead. Although, we have created something special in our yard to help us reflect and relax…

One of B’s favorite toys was an old rocking horse. It was simply made of plastic, but he loved to climb on it like a cowboy! After drilling four holes into the bottom of it and a circular cut-out on top, we turned the rocking horse into a beautiful planter box to keep in our garden. As we play outside or come and go from the garage, we can stop and reflect about B.

Night or day, it always brings smiles to our faces.The rocking horse

4 responses to “The approach.

  1. Maritres Plude

    That is such a great idea! My husband already told me about that and was shocked by your creativity. B is all around!

  2. Cindy Seggerson

    We are so proud to be a part of friends like you. This idea is amazing & I hope it reaches out to those who need it most……xoxoxo

  3. I love this idea and hope it brings comfort to the family……. Love you guys

  4. As I told you before when we met, the girls have done projects at school or at home and include Noah. More Lilia than Amaya, but either way it seems to ease her pain. They even have stuffed animals they sleep with named after him. That in itself soothes my soul. To know they care so much and never even got to meet him.

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