Along came Zoey…

We were never a family that enjoyed pets. I mean, my husband had no patience and I simply didn’t have the time to care for them. We loved animals, but as my husband would say, “Just not in our house.” Strange, considering he grew up in an animal-loving family. Well, I am very proud to say that Zoey has joined our family. How things change! While in therapy, actually, they spoke of how dogs can be helpful to those that are grieving. They recommended us getting a dog quite early on…didn’t happen. However, as time passed, we missed the “life” that used to fulfill our home. By no means had it become a depressed home, but it just became a somewhat sad, quiet place. So, we began the long search for our perfect dog. We thought a dog would lift all of our spirits-and did it! She is now 8 months old and is T’s playful pal. Seeing him laugh out loud again makes me smile. Yes, a pet is work, but we decided Zoey was worth it. Animals, especially dogs, have a keen sense of knowing how to warm our hearts and our hearts are beginning to feel that warmth again.



3 responses to “Along came Zoey…

  1. Cindy Seggerson

    Thats awesome! : )

  2. Along came Zoey… a warm, wiggling, playful dog was a great idea for your whole family. I wanted to say hello after you visited my site. I am so sorry about the loss of your youngest child, and in such a horrific tearing from your life – no warning. But a gentle taking for your baby (only God knows why and it doesn’t make the emptiness any easier) My partner lost his second child (a daughter) from SIDS. I think what you are developing here is a wonderful resource for bereaved siblings. God bless you in your healing. It was good to meet you.

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