Some dear friends of ours surprised us this past Mother’s Day. They had adopted a flower bed at our local park and dedicated it to B. They adorned the area with colorful dragonflies and a special blue rock, named in remembrance of B. We find it has become somewhat difficult for T for visit the cemetery; we accept it and choose not to push the issue. When he feels the need, he visits with us. Otherwise, he has his own reminders of B., including the park flower bed. He requests to go to the park to see the flowerbed, then have a game of tennis…When there, he will recall funny moments we have had with B at that park and the nearby lake (such as T and B being chased by the mean geese!) Reminders like these keep B’s spirit alive for T and for us. The flowerbed  brings a smile to our faces as we spend time in the park, simply watching T run and play. Believe it or not, every so often, a dragonfly flies by us while playing there. We know who it is, and T points it out every time…

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