How often do you play?

   “Play with me, Mom.” Such a simple request, and yet we sometimes respond, “In a minute,” or “Maybe later,” or “I’m tired,” or “I just got in from work.” Excuses could be endless, but really, why not just stop and play? What if you never heard that plea, that voice again? What if you denied them such a simple request? This pertains to not only our children, but what about our parent, best friend, or sibling? I have learned from T that everything else can wait… the dusty table, the dirty dishes, the laundry, the phone ringing. Spending time with those we love, the intimate “turn off the t.v. and get off Facebook” time, is crucial.  As we get older,  it is easy to lose sight of the simple things. On his road to recovery, as we call it, T has reminded us about the important aspects of life and has taught me some new lessons along the way. I have come to appreciate everything more because of how precious time has become for us. “Let’s read a book, Mom.” “Can we go for a bike ride, Dad?” “Can we watch videos of B together?” Spend your time in a way that will be meaningful, a way that makes you smile. When it comes to children, they look to us for everything-it is all they know and want. So, when T wants to color a picture with me, or run with me to get my coffee, I smile and take a mental photograph of that moment. I don’t want to miss a thing. Ask yourself, “How often do you play?”



3 responses to “How often do you play?

  1. I do say “not right now” or in a little while….and then I do think of you and B. I think of how you wish you had that time to play and you NEVER know what could happen. We have been playing alot more since B taught us that sometimes kids aren’t here forever. A lesson I didn’t want to learn….but a lesson that made me open my eyes. Thanks B!

  2. Great post. Awesome reminder. There are so many things I wish I could go back and “do over.” But the time and opportunity are forever gone…and it brings tears to my eyes just to think about it. When I see a parent impatiently or harshly hustling their children along, I want to step in and say, “Don’t you know what a precious gift you have right in front of you? What if you never have this opportunity again?” We always expect there to be another day with our children – or others we care about – to do the “fun” or “play” things…and sometimes there’s not.

  3. Such a powerful reminder. Thank you for that.

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