The storm.

 It was like the floodgates had opened, and I was lost. It reminded me of this photo I took over the winter during our horrific snowstorm. One doesn’t know how much snow is there until you actually open the door and see it. It took over a year, but our son’s storm hit.

Some friends had questioned why the blog has not had any updates. Well, truth be told, it has been very difficult these past few weeks. It seems as though my husband, T, and I have had a storm brewing for so long that it has now reached a boiling point. The anger, sadness, depression, frustration, impatience….

What do you do with such a wave of emotions? It came pouring out of T one afternoon following school. A simple, outdoor Halloween decoration set the stage for two hours of hell. Everything from “I hate you” to “I am moving to a new home” was shouted on the front lawn, then from inside the living room. What does one do? Shout back? Cry? Scream? I stood in horror. It was just T and myself. So, I let him scream. Then, I let him scream more. Finally, he screamed some more. I held back the tears; I knew why he was acting this way and it wasn’t because of a decoration. I gave him the two hours he needed to yell, even hit, as I stood there in silence. I know you think more should have been done, but dear friends, what came out of this child was the rage built up since losing B.

Two whole hours, tears galore, a red nose, some thrown toys…the chaos ended with a hug so tight that I felt suffocated! “I’m sorry mom; I just miss B.” The words came out of his mouth very plain and simple. My instincts were correct, for once. This child needed that release. He got just that (and I am sure the neighbors did as well!) A conversation ensued about anything and everything to do with feelings, memories, reactions, and how we can’t control everything that happens. Was I still up all night reading my grief books with a cup of coffee? Of course. I had to know that I was not alone with a grieving child. The stages of grief vary, the length varies. Hell, everyone’s lives vary. Welcome to the new normal for us. What we must learn now is patience. Using it on one another, well, may be a challenge.

5 responses to “The storm.

  1. Patricia Silvar

    T is such a strong boy and we are so proud of him for being able to express his feelings. I’m sure that was extremely hard at the moment, but much needed. God Bless you guys!

  2. Jen, you write so beautifully. I would like to pass this blog on to
    two friends who are in a similar situation. I am overwhelmed by the
    courage it must take to get thru a day like ‘the storm’ and may God
    bless you for how you handle this.

  3. AT T’s age the poor little guy probably doesn’t even know what half of his feelings mean. It was so good of you to let him explode and get it all out. Nobody (no matter what age) can keep things bottled up for long. It seems like he might have been doing just that. I hope this eases his load. You’re such a good mommy! XO

  4. Reading thIs again through a new lense… Just waiting For a reaction from my little ones. So far, nothing! I enjoy reading this…..

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