Who would’ve thought…

Who would’ve thought so much time can pass and yet I am left speechless, still.

Who would’ve thought such places, like our blogs, exist, where we each find support and encouragement.

Who would’ve thought our families could be surviving the loss of our beautiful children.

Who would’ve thought that we would smile, again.

Who would’ve thought that I miss baby B now more than ever.

Let us remember…we never stop grieving; we simply decide to start living for our children. Make every moment matter; there is no rewind button.



5 responses to “Who would’ve thought…

  1. I wrote something like in my last post, that I need to love my son wherever he is, and my daughter who’s right next to me. But I am still crushed, one year and five months later. I miss my son and sometimes I don’t think I can do this. But I have to, for my daughter. And I thank God for her, I do.

  2. I like what you say, that we never forget, we never get over the loss of our precious children, we just learn to live again in their honor, their memory, and to keep their names alive. God bless you. It’s been nine years for me, and I still ache to have my son back, but I’m living a full life, in part so he can be proud of me. Take Care.

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