Light a candle.

Let us take time this season to reflect on the year,

to reflect on how those that grieve showed little fear.

Whether hearing names or looking at photos of occasions passed,

we were finally able to smile and possibly laugh at last.

Courtesy of our little angels who play among God’s side,

giving us the strength to face each day while acting as our guides.

Light a candle on December 9 and every day of the year too,

so they may look down from the heavens and see a beautiful light show all the

year through.

May our Baby B rest in peace. Play nice in God’s garden and sleep well.

We miss you so.


12 responses to “Light a candle.

  1. Beautiful, J. I’m not sure why I checked your website tonight, I haven’t been here in a long time, but I’ll be thinking of you and little B. Facing everything that happens in a year is difficult. I don’t think people realize how very hard it is to be strong and face the facts day after day. I think you have been right all along, though. We can feel their presence always and their spirits bring strength. Heaven is a wonderful place for babies. In heaven they are well and happy. They’re taken care of by Mary and Gabriel…they told me so. Sleep well. I’ll say a prayer for your family.

  2. That was sweet, Jen. Xoxo to your family.

  3. Beautiful poem. I will be lighting a candle Dec. 9th as well for your baby, my son, and all the children playing and laughing on the other side. God bless you through this difficult time of year.

  4. I will be lighting a candle on Dec. 9 at 7pm, for your baby, and my son, and all the children who are laughing and playing on the other side. God bless you and all bereaved parents
    at this difficult time of year.

  5. Hello Jen, I lit a candle for B. I moved Headinmyhands to its own domain. You can see B’s candle there.

  6. I have nominated you for the Best Moments Award. I hope you will accept. –

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