You will always have a seat.

The green and brown plaid high chair stood very confidently in our kitchen. One could see it from any direction of the house, and it was usually cluttered with small toys. Then, sadly, the time came when the chair sat empty. The toys remained still.

After several months, this confident high chair found a new home: seated at our dining room table. We thought, “B, you will always have a seat at our table.” T checks the high chair all the time, to make sure that the toys remained. Sometimes, this high chair is difficult to glance at. However, most days, it puts a smile on our faces. Good memories, good times. For now, it will remain there, to be celebrated, not forgotten.

As for celebrations, what would be B’s third birthday is drawing near in the next couple of weeks. Thus, we are planning our weekend getaway. We find that being alone, just the three of us, helps with our sorrow most of all. No phones ringing, no work, no reality television, no video games. Simple bonding, relaxation and reminiscing about B. For his birthday, we will do our usual of visiting him in the early morning as the cemetery opens, just so we can be there “first,” as T puts it. We will do our private traditions, then disappear for three days. We come back refreshed and ready to resume our video games and reality television, or as we say, “Life as we know it!”

Sending birthday hugs and kisses to you, Angel B.




11 responses to “You will always have a seat.

  1. That’s the greatest thing you can do is just enjoy each other. Life will be here when you get back. Love you guys

  2. Happy birthday B, and I hope you all enjoy your time away together 🙂

  3. Your grace is beautiful Jen.

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate your son’s birthday. I know that is a tough time. When my son died I assumed Christmas would be the most difficult holiday without him, but after a year, I soon found that his birthday is the time I miss him the most; missing watching him become one year older— and feeling as if he is getting farther away…. God bless you as you get away and remember your sweet son. That is a great idea about keeping his little chair by your table.

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