“Mom, how could a flower be growing in the middle of our lawn? How come Zoey didn’t eat it?” T screams from the backyard.

It was beautiful, just beautiful! I said, “Wow! What a special gift!” T wanted to cut the flower right out of the grass, but I wanted to guard it with my dear life! How sweet to see such a pretty flower! (or, as the back of my mind was telling me, a lovely weed!) Regardless, it was pretty and captured our eyes.

When we all sat at dinner later, we discussed that it could be a gift from B. It is his birthday week and he may be telling us, “For goodness sake, I’m fine! Get out and play! Celebrate me!” We laughed and laughed. As six-year-old T says, “Good times, good times…”  (He can be such an old man sometimes!)

So, we are in good spirits right now. We are finding many little hints that B is visiting, or at least watching us! Thus, it has been fun. We hope it continues, both our laughter and B’s signs. Enjoy the signs you receive!

6 responses to “Celebrate!

  1. That is awesome and I can tell T is so much better! I’m So glad you feel good right now and I agree about B saying you should celebrate! You have overcome so much pain and you deserve to celebrate both your life’s and B’s short little life that just keeps going on. You have done such a great job of keeping him with you.

  2. I often attend the annual national (international too) conference of The COmpassionate Friends (bereaved parent group). The one workshop that is the most attended every year is entitled “Gifts and Signs from our Children.” I often feel I don’t get signs but if I pay close attention, they are there. We planted the flowers that people brought to the memorial. Most weren’t meant to be plalnted. But one hardy flower reappears every spring, and we say that David is helping it grow. I think children, being less skeptical, can notice signs more than we adults– they have special radar for that.

  3. haha Good times, good times – that’s gold 🙂

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