Gutter balls.

“Mom, if I bowl a strike, I’ll have good luck! If I get a gutter ball, then it’s your fault!”

“Okay then, T!” I replied, just smiling as I shrugged my shoulders. Really?! I love it when everything becomes the parents’ fault. Quite funny, if you ask me.

Yet, T made us realize that bowling somewhat reflected life. Whether you roll a strike or land in the gutter, you pick up the ball and continue to play. So relatable to life: we must continue to live no matter what is thrown at us.

Just last night, we continued to talk about our bowling outing and how B would have enjoyed it. T thought that B would have been taking every turn, whether it was his turn or not, because he was a beast! He had the rough personality and T is Mr. Sensitive. We savor these family outings, like bowling, because life can become so hectic these days. Family time has to be a priority.

As we got ready for bed, T said, “B is SO not going to let me get gutter balls again! I’m lucky because I have an angel and my friends don’t have a baby angel who will stop the gutter balls!”

Yep. That one got to me…Tears flowed…followed by a smile. Dear old dad even got teary-eyed.

May we all dream about our baby angels who watch us through life and help us avoid our “gutter balls.”

7 responses to “Gutter balls.

  1. That’s so great that he could think like that. It just goes to show that you have really really helped him in his grief. He has the best angel ever watching over him.

  2. Pretty darn sweet thought.

  3. Hugs to T. And hugs to you.

  4. 🙂 That is just lovely. I too think Charlotte would not like me getting ‘gutter balls’

  5. T is so sweet and I completely agree with him. – I believe that B is watching out for him. I agree with you too – we do seem to have to keep going no matter what life throws pur way. Here is to hoping for more strikes and less gutter balls! Take care.

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