Shadow boxes

“What do you miss most?”

The question comes up every now and then when we speak of B. My husband and I miss his hearty laugh while T misses the way B would yell from the crib. The difficult part has been how to treasure those moments as keepsakes. So, we have created shadow boxes .

We got together in B’s room and each chose some of our favorite items belonging to B. My husband chose the “old man” floppy hat and T chose some loud, obnoxious toys; I had to choose B’s socks! The child had such huge feet for a 16 month old! Thus, we took all of these items and made lovely shadow boxes. They now hang rather beautifully in B’s room. I look at every item in those boxes and I can recall an exact moment in time with B.

We have other items belonging to B that we used to create special gifts for family members, like pillows from bibs and blankets. We wanted to do a nice gesture to those who loved B most. Of course, in our families, everybody wanted more items! It is just that we couldn’t part with what little we had left of B.

God only gave us 16 good months with our boy, so we will never have his first tooth that fell out, his first day of school picture, and well, I cannot go on. That being said, we are a little selfish with the things he left behind. We treasure his first pair of shoes, the last set of dirty clothes that we never washed, his little lock of hair…

The shadow box creation was another activity that gave us time to speak with T about B, keeping the lines of communication constantly open with him and showing him our support. Creating shadow boxes can be a wonderful experience to honor those special moments in the present or moments we can now only reflect upon.

16 responses to “Shadow boxes

  1. I will always miss is big man hands! I remember always playing with him at my house just so I can see him laugh. I’ve seen the shadow boxes and I can remember him wearing those things. I think it’s a great idea for you guys to hold on to what you have left that makes you think of him. Just being in that room makes me feel like he is there its nice to be able to feel him.

  2. Your memory boxes are beautiful; bitter – sweet, precious articles that your beloved “B” touched. I did something similar with a few of my Nick’s things.

  3. What a good idea…such a wonderful way to remember…

  4. Hi, I stopped by to return the visit and found a bueatiful blog from the heart shared with love. Thank you for having the courage to share, I am sure you have helped countless others who have been through the same thing.

  5. What a loving thing to do. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What a loving idea; thank you for sharing.

  7. We completed one for Charlotte for her birthday. It is such a positive, happy reminder of their lives 🙂

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  9. Shadow boxes are a great idea. I have to confess that I still have a pile of Sawyer’s things in my room. It has been 2 years but one of these days I will . . .Thank you for your post. Take care.

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