The world of Lego pieces

The passing of B’s second Angel Date has left us simply numb, which is why this writing has taken some time to reappear. We find that time doesn’t necessarily heal, but rather, just passes. We notice T and his friends getting taller (and a little bit louder!) and B’s tree getting fuller.

Two years ago, we didn’t know what life would be at this point, missing B beyond words. Yet, strangely enough, our current situation is somewhat like T’s latest obsession: Lego’s. One purchases a set of Lego’s for a ridiculous price, builds it according to the plan, only for it to get torn apart the very next day! We planned our family with a purpose, read all the books and heard all of the advice about raising children, only to have our family torn apart. Awful.

However, remember, one can always rebuild the Lego pieces, creating something exciting and new. This is our current status. We fluctuate through all stages of grief, yet our lives continue, in a rather “okay” way. We would not have thought that two years ago. Who knows where we would’ve ended up as a family. So, we cannot say it gets better after a loss, but we can say one becomes more appreciative of time.

Savor the moments. Sit down in silence and build a new Lego city together because sometimes there are no words that need to be said. Sometimes you know exactly how the other feels.

7 responses to “The world of Lego pieces

  1. Love you guys. Well said as always.

  2. Such a thoughtful post of hope on a very difficult subject.

  3. We think of yous often! Love, Hugs & Prayers coming your way today & everyday!!!

  4. I’m thinking of you around this tough time. It’s all tough, I know. As time passes, for me it saddens me to think how long it has been since I’ve heard my son’s precious laugh, talked with him, touched him. Take care.

  5. My heart goes out to you at this difficult time. As time passes, for me, it saddens me to think how long it has been since I heard my precious son’s laugh, saw his face, touched him. (except in video, thank God I have some). Take care.

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